What is CIM - Customer Interaction Management?

It’s a different way of thinking and a new set of tools

CIM solves three problems that ruin customer experience


Most people struggle with tasks when there are too many apps and tabs open and notifications are screaming at every corner.


It’s not easy to keep track of thousands of emails and interactions. It’s even harder when you have to fill out endless CRM forms.


Instead of solving customer problems your team members are trying to figure out where the last customer conversation left off.

Here is How CIM Solves These Problems

CRM prevents your growth

CIM turns problems into opportunities


Get an instant real-time 360 degree view into each relationship via Contact Timeline.


Communicate with your client base without losing a personal touch.


Collaborate, delegate, follow up and see the status of each task with a shared team inbox.

Introducing Relenta

The First and Only CIM Tool

1-minute video is worth a thousand words

Relenta is an email-based CIM tool to help you manage crazy volumes of customer interactions with a laser like focus

It is scary how easy it is for CRM to undermine customer experience. You spend hours filling out forms instead of building meaningful relationships. 

Relenta is different

  • Relenta filters and stores information without any input on your part

You get a complete, instant and real-time 360-degree view into each relationship through Contact Timeline, where shared emails and interactions are assigned to contacts automatically. 

  • With Relenta you maintain personal connection to your customers

With email marketing built in, you can send the same email to multiple customers and make it highly personable

  • Relenta brings all the team members into one single shared space 

Collaborate, delegate, and see the status of each task without leaving your inbox. Your customers don’t like being passed around. CIM puts everyone on the same page.

  • Relenta makes you incredibly organized and productive

Sort your contacts into groups and apply Get Things Done productivity workflow to emails and conversations. With an easy-to-use interface, everything is no more than one click away. 

See What Others Say

  • Relenta has literally made us tens of thousands of dollars in the very short time we’ve been using it. I cannot recommend it strongly enough. Don’t be fooled when you look at it, it seems overly simple, but it does the right things, which are money making things.

    Kurtis Squyres
  • A web based software totally centered around e-mails and e-mail contacts is exactly the kind of tool I have been dreaming for years.

    Joannes Vermorel
  • Relenta is an easy to use, reliable and feature-filled software that I use to manage contacts, correspondence and a wide variety of activities relating to my business and personal life. After doing extensive research on other CRMs, it became apparent that Relenta would meet close to 100% of my needs.

    Sheri Guardi
  • Our team switched to Relenta after years of using NetSuite and Outlook. Relenta allows us to work as a team like never before. It works the way WE do – instead of forcing us to work the way THEY do (not to mention dramatic cost savings!). The simplicity of Relenta is fantastic, and it makes it easy to share information about a client with another team member in a remote office.

    Rodney Loges
  • I’ve used Relenta for a few years now after using a cobbled version of several programs to track my contacts and marketing efforts. I tried testing it, had no time between all of my work, and an email exchange with Dmitri convinced me to just go with it. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made, and it’s allowed me to expand my network of projects. I can’t imagine doing business without it!

    Andrew Simmons
  • Relenta is like MS outlook on steroids with all the crm and contact features you could ever want. Further, its web based UI is elegant, and its simple access to data from almost any screen is pure genius. Relenta lets us create rules to organize email, create contacts on the fly. Simply stated we spend less time editing contacts or writing notes than any other crm available. Great job, Relenta!

    Frank Basti
    Mister Gator INC

Only 39$ per user per month*

Each plan includes:

  • Email management
  • Contact management
  • Shared calendar
  • Sales deals
  • Email marketing
  • Email open/click alerts via Sendgrid
  • Personal training and support
  • Integration with 500+ apps via Zapier

*Billed annually

Interact Effortlessly in the Cognitive Overload Environment

More About Us

Who we are

Relenta began in 2004 as an in-house project when we were working on Clicklab, a web analytics startup.

At some point, we got fed up with having customer data scattered across a large number of email accounts, apps and platforms. We thought an integrated email, contact and task manager might help reduce the busy work. As it turned out, simply by combining email and CRM functions we cut our workload in half. The improvement was nothing short of breathtaking.

We started a public beta in 2005 and the rest is Relenta history. Our first paying customer signed up in early 2006, and by 2007 Relenta became our sole development focus. Today thousands of small businesses worldwide rely on Relenta for their success.

Why Relenta

We believe that you just can’t manage relationships with today’s customers using yesterday’s tools.

Our approach is different, and it really helps you increase productivity and eliminate wasted effort.

Relenta is the cross between email, contact manager, email marketing, CRM, calendar and your personal secretary. We pioneered this concept back in 2005 and have been the leaders in this field ever since.

  • Upgrade old tools
  • Respond to real-time needs
  • Track and filter everything
  • Build relationships, not barriers