CIM That Lets You Build Extraordinary Relationships

Relenta is the first CIM tool that lets you manage and
build relationships with a large number of customers in no time

Email Based Contact Management

Get a complete, instant and real-time 360-degree view into each relationship through Contact Timeline, where all emails and interactions are assigned to contacts automatically.

Spend more time building relationships, not logging in data

  • Automatically recorded conversation history
  • Lead management 
  • Contact data pulled directly from your inbox.
  • Personalized email templates

Sales and Marketing Automation

Sales features

Sell better and faster. Generate more leads and turn conversations into promising opportunities with sales and marketing automation functions.

Make better connections, build productive relationships, close more deals

  • Email campaigns
  • Creative mail merge
  • Deals management
  • Email tracking
  • Lead management

Personalized Customer Experience

Your small team can deliver big-time customer service with automated customer service processes such as shared inbox, personalized email templates, task delegation, and delayed response scheduling.

Make every customer feel like a family

  • Shared inbox
  • Delayed response scheduling
  • Task assignment and delegation
  • Multiple identities

Accelerated Productivity

Cut the energy spent on transferring information from one app to another. Includes integrated “Get Things Done” workflow. Use your inbox as a to-do list, schedule follow-ups, store, share and send files, and turn emails and tasks into agenda items in your calendar.

Collect, triage, process and engage

  • Turn emails and tasks into agenda items
  • Calendar, notes, reminders, tags, and archive
  • Schedule follow-ups & events
  • One-Click zone
  • No learning curve

The Power of Collaboration

collaboration features

Get the team involved, every step of the way. Empower individual team members to make decisions and collaborate and solve complex customer issues with instant access to data in a shared inbox space.

Never duplicate work again

  • Task assignment
  • Collaboration in a shared inbox
  • Empower with instant access to data
  • Shared files

Software That Needs No Learning

Simple user interface. No learning curve. No additional steps to existing workflows.

15-day free trial. No credit card required.

Deep Relationships in the Cognitive Overload Environment

General Features

Email Based Contact Management

Productivity Frameworks

Multiple Separate Contact Databases

Workflow Automation

Email Comments and Notes

Features for Sales

Multiple Sender Identities

Deals Management

Lead Management

Contact Families

Features for Marketers

Automated Email Marketing

Advanced Data Organization

Email Open/Click Tracking

Features for Collaboration

Shared Relenta Inbox

Personal Emails

Agenda and Calendar Management

Task Assignment

File Share System

Give Customers Your Undivided Attention

For as low as $39 per user per month*

Each plan includes:

  • Email management
  • Contact management
  • Shared calendar
  • Sales deals
  • Email marketing
  • Email open/click alerts via Sendgrid
  • Personal training and support
  • Integration with 500+ apps via Zapier

*Billed annually

More About Us

Who we are

Relenta began in 2004 as an in-house project when we were working on Clicklab, a web analytics startup.

At some point, we got fed up with having customer data scattered across a large number of email accounts, apps and platforms. We thought an integrated email, contact and task manager might help reduce the busy work. As it turned out, simply by combining email and CRM functions we cut our workload in half. The improvement was nothing short of breathtaking.

We started a public beta in 2005 and the rest is Relenta history. Our first paying customer signed up in early 2006, and by 2007 Relenta became our sole development focus. Today thousands of small businesses worldwide rely on Relenta for their success.

Why Relenta

We believe that you just can’t manage relationships with today’s customers using yesterday’s tools.

Our approach is different, and it really helps you increase productivity and eliminate wasted effort.

Relenta is the cross between email, contact manager, email marketing, CRM, calendar and your personal secretary. We pioneered this concept back in 2005 and have been leaders in this field ever since.

  • Upgrade old tools
  • Respond to real-time needs
  • Track and filter everything
  • Build relationships, not barriers