Before they started using Relenta, our clients (ourselves included) managed their customer relationships using a combination of other software. This patchwork approach required endless copying and pasting between multiple apps, and constant switching back and forth between different windows to gather and reconcile customer data.

Relenta eliminates all of this mindless busy-work so you can focus on running your business… and living your life.

The table below compares all the apps that offer some of Relenta’s features.

Features Relenta Email Apps CRM Software Calendar Apps Email Marketing Sales Deals
Email Yes Yes
Shared Email Yes
Contacts Yes Yes Yes
Calendar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email Marketing Yes Yes
Sales Deals Yes Yes Yes

Email Apps: Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Eudora, Thunderbird

CRM and Contact Management Software:, BatchBook, Capsule CRM, Sugar CRM, Act!, Goldmine, Oprius, Highrise

Calendar Apps: Google Calendar, iCal, Sunrise, MS Office Calendar, CalendarScope, Railendar

Email Marketing: Mailchimp, iContact, VerticalResponse, GetResponse, AWeber, ConstantContact, CampaignMonitor, Marketo

Sales Deals: Pipelinedeals, Pipedrive, SalesNexus, SalesBoom, FutureSimple, PipelinerSales, ClinchPad