General Features

Email Based Contact Management

Keep everything important in one place. See the entire relationship history in a neat chronological order. Track and access all interactions, emails, deals, files and tasks with one-click.

Productivity Frameworks

Experience maximized productivity. Designed to guide you to adapt to a productivity mindset on your own. Get things done with a single click and avoid interruptions. Have all the information you need no more than one click away.

Multiple Separate Contact Databases

Have as many separate standalone databases as you like. Switch between databases with a single click. Keep personal and business contacts separate. Isolate sales contacts from customer support interactions. Run multiple businesses in one system.

Workflow Automation

Send auto replies triggered by any keyword. Show consistent face to your clients using pre-written responses from the library. No more wasted time searching through old emails and endless copy-pasting.

Email Comments and Notes

Add a comment to any email or activity – calendar event, note, tasks. Collaborate with the team from the inbox. Keep comments neatly filed in the system for record­ keeping. Stay on top of new comments with an easy to spot indicators.

Features for Sales

Multiple Sender Identities

Choose on the fly any “From:” address (with custom signature) to use when you compose an email or newsletter. Set up as many identities as you need. Fill in for a colleague when they are on a vacation and send emails ‘from’ their address without the client ever noticing a difference.

Deals Management

Keep track of your sales pipeline with deals. Associate deals with specific contacts, add notes, comments and files, tag them and customize completion stages. Get a comprehensive overview of deals and sales pipeline via calendar and contact timeline.

Lead Management

Segment your contacts by groups or use tags. Create any number of groups, categories, and sub­folders. Send a newsletter to individual contacts or entire group at once. Tag everything in the system and easily sort through the items you’ve tagged.

Contact Families

Create company/family contacts, that can be associated with numerous individual contacts. See company contact timeline, including the email history, notes, events, and tasks.

Features for Marketers

Automated Email Marketing

Create automated email marketing, sales, and newsletter campaigns. Add a contact to a group and they will be automatically added to the email sequence. Stay on top of every sent email via contact timeline.

Advanced Data Organization

Assign a contact to one or more groups by simply ticking a box. Drag­ and ­drop to arrange groups any way you want. Tag contacts, companies, events, tasks, notes, follow-­ups, to­do’s, deals – anything. Easily add tags with one click, and remove them when no longer needed.

Email Open/Click Tracking

Supercharge your sales and email marketing campaigns with instant email open/click alerts. Know instantly when somebody reads your email, what links they clicked and when. Get the perfect email deliverability from Sendgrid and maximize every opportunity.

Features for Collaboration

Shared Relenta Inbox

Combine all your company/employee emails into one shared workspace. Keep sent and received email history automatically linked to contact timelines. Prevent information being trapped in personal inboxes and access full email history of any contact, anytime.

Personal Emails

Leverage your team’s personal connections with personal inboxes for any number of team members. Keep shared and team members’ inboxes separate but still connected and easily accessible.

Agenda and Calendar Management

Track upcoming events, set reminders, create follow-ups and enter notes. Attach files to calendar activity, associate calendar entries with contacts. Get an overview of everything you have to do today, tomorrow, and later. See what everyone is up to with a shared company calendar.

Task Assignment

Create and assign tasks to yourself or team members. Convert emails to tasks with one click, use agenda view it as a to-­do list for yourself, filter by activity type, and see what your team members are up to.

File Share System

Upload and share frequently used documents, brochures, and files in a centralized file storage space. Save yourself time searching and attaching files to identical emails.

Behold the superpowers

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Email Features

Email history linked to contacts
Archive emails
All mail folder
Contact details in Inbox
Shared email
Unlimited “From:” identities
Email folders
Email filters
Time to send
Response library
Link/unlink emails
Create tasks from emails
Internal comments
Email search
Attach files from shared library
Filter sent messages by user
Import email archives from POP or IMAP
Use our SMTP or bring your own
Export emails in Mbox format


Agenda, daily, weekly and monthly views
Events linked to contact timelines
External calendar sync
Tag events
Internal comments
Filter events by label, status or user
Export calendar in iCalendar format

Contact Management

Contact timeline with sent/received email
Files, notes, events, and tasks automatically saved along with emails
Filter timeline by activity types
Unlimited custom fields
Segment your database by Groups and/or Tags
Extended search by multiple criteria
Merge duplicates
Import from CSV or vCard file
Import from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google
Instant access to recent contacts
Export full database or any group of contacts
Web form integration

Email Marketing

List segmentation
Unsubscribe link
“Do not mass email”

More features

Shared file library
Multiple departments
User permissions by department
Admin-level permissions
Daily backups
Integration with Freshbooks accounting
Export full account data
Developer API