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The email experience is broken. Our CRM fixes it.

Relenta is a beautifully simple and amazingly effective email-based CRM.

It works by automatically linking all sent and received email to contact timelines.

Now your team can retrieve a complete relationship history with a single click. For any customer. At any time. Even years later.

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Joannes Vermorel
“When we interact by email with our large clients at Lokad, I guesstimate that we spend only 10% of the effort that they spend on their end to maintain the flow of conversation”
— Joannes Vermorel, CEO, Lokad

Designed to delight

“You’ll become addicted to the features Relenta offers.” — SalesTeamTools

CRM that needs no learnin’

Relenta is so simple, you already know how to use it.

Our user interface is designed to help you build relationships – not barriers. You will love Relenta because it won’t interfere with the way you work. Your team will get things done instead of trying to understand where everything is.

Email experience you’ve never had before

Lifesaver for your team. Blessing for your customers.

Reduce your email handling and response times to seconds. Send and receive email right inside your CRM. No extra work. No endless CC’ing. All email history is automatically linked to the appropriate contacts. How cool is that?

Tim Merrell
“When I am on the phone with customers, I use Relenta’s contact timelines to instantly produce information from email history and documents exchanged months or years earlier. This blows people’s minds away.”
— Tim Merrell, COO, The Real Recruiter

Superhuman total recall

Shared contact timelines. Greater than the sum of their parts.

Contact timelines in Relenta include sent and received email, calendar tasks, notes and files, sales deals and email marketing history. You can access any piece of information in a snap. Anywhere, anytime. Even years later.

Uber-personal email marketing

Take the mass out of mass emails

Imagine what would it be like to have the time to email thousands of people personally – every day. That’s what Relenta does for you. No spreadsheets. No fussing around. No copy and paste. No additional apps. No extra fees. Just pure productivity bliss.

Get things done with a single click

The one-click zone. Click. Done.

The magic of our simple user interface helps you get things done with a single click. It gives your team a central shared workspace that is built for collaboration. All data is updated in real time, so everyone is literally on the same page.

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Howard Nakata
“The value of a simple CRM with email interface cannot be overstated. Relenta is quick, responsive and easy to navigate. It is a wonderful product and I would like to see others use it.”
— Howard Nakata, Owner, It’s All About Success

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