What are Message Filters?

Message filters allow you to do a number of things with incoming emails based on the criteria you define. For example, you can automatically create a contact from incoming email, move email to another folder, assign contact to an autoresponder email campaign, trigger an auto-reply, etc.

What are shared files?

You can upload any number of files or documents to each department that will be shared among your team.

Shared files can be attached to messages without having to upload the file from your local hard drive every time you compose an email.

Does Relenta provide spam and anti-virus protection?

We offer both spam-filtering and anti-virus protection to our paying customers. Only email accounts (your-name@relenta.net) are protected. If you are using Relenta to download email from remote IMAP or POP servers, then spam and anti-virus protection are the responsibility of your email service provider. If your POP or IMAP email provider doesn’t offer spam filtering,…

What is the Response Library?

The Response Library consists of templates that can be automatically inserted into the body of email. When the number of responses in your library exceeds twenty, the dropdown selector will be automatically replaced with a search box. Simply start typing the first few letters and select the desired response from the instant autosuggestion list. Response…

What is an Invoice?

Invoice is a type of Activity. Currently this feature requires that you have an account with FreshBooks. Once you activate the Freshbooks add-on, you can import contacts and invoices. Invoices appear as line-items on Contact Timeline, interspersed with other activities in chronological order. Click on Sync with FreshBooks to update invoices with the latest information.…