Real estate CRM case study

Real estate crm sample

FarBelowMarket’s business model is an investment real estate company that finds extremely distressed or discounted property for investors looking to “fix and flip” or fix up and lease or lease option them out.

My name is Kurtis Squyres, the founder of

Finding and building relationships with investor buyers is the lifeblood of our business.  I have used autoresponders and other contact managers before Relenta only to pull my hair out.

Problems previous to Relenta

  1. Not online – any processing I had to be done had to be from within my network.
  2. Too many steps to turn emails into leads – (i.e. had to “create record” then copy paste all info from email to record.
  3. Had to copy paste any new information from an existing contact from email into their record
  4. Autoresponder had to no way to “blast” email only certain groups rather than the entire database
  5. Screens way too cluttered with fields, spent way too much time hunting for the information I needed
  6. Fields not customizable
  7. Bloated with unnecessary features

How Relenta solves my problems

Now, for the first time since I started FBM, I feel like I have complete control over my leads and database. It has now grown over 500, and it is rapidly growing. It takes me about 10 seconds (I timed it!) to create a new lead out of an email (just click on “new record”, and it puts the name, last name, and email address in the record for you). Then, it automatically puts any new emails from that person in their email!

I can instantly send an email to only buyers that, say, want property in La Quinta versus the whole valley, or, I can just send the deal out to everyone. Great freedom and control over who you are mailing to.

Any new leads that want a personal residence need an agent, not an investor, I can quikcly turn that lead into a record and add it into my agents inbox, and I get referal fees from those as well!

Relenta has literally made us tens of thousands of dollars in the very short time we’ve been using it.

The rest of the bells and whistles on most programs are just bloat. I am pretty technical, and I like features, but there are so many things that just aren’t really necessary, and they actually make using the program less effective.

I cannot recommend Relenta strongly enough. Don’t be fooled when you look at it, it seems overly simple, but it does THE RIGHT THINGS, WHICH ARE MONEY MAKING THINGS.