If email is a big part of your business, Relenta CRM might be a good fit for you. With Relenta, you’ll get the affordable and effective set of tools you’ll need to make things happen.

With Relenta, you’ll get…

  • Do-more/work-less architecture. Relenta is a task-based CRM system, not report-based. Manage contacts, automatically organize emails, and keep track of activities all with one service.

  • Flexibility. Easily turn contacts into paying customers. Send out mass emails, trigger auto-replies, and initiate autoresponder drip campaigns by grouping your contacts in a way that makes sense for your business.

  • No template tyranny! We give you the tools you need and get out of the way. Whether it’s a plain-text mass email or your own HTML email template, we never dictate how you do it, we just make sure you can.

  • The inbox of inboxes. All your different email accounts funnel into Relenta. No more wondering where that email is. It’s all there in one spot.

  • Bird’s eye view. The Timeline is a customer’s entire history in date order — emails, meetings, file uploads, deals, internal notes, updated and accessible anywhere. Get there with one click.

So here’s the deal: we’ll give you and Relenta 30 days to try it out. Judging by your interest so far, we think the two of you will make a lovely couple.

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