Events are types of activities (other types at this time include Deals and Invoices). Events can have the following attributes:

  1. Label. By default, there are the following activity labels in the system: Follow-up, Call, Note and Meeting. You can customize these labels by clicking Edit Labels.
  2. File. You can attach a file or document to an event, either from your computer or the shared file library. If an event is associated with a contact, this provides the means to attach a document to this contact, for example, a proposal or contract.
  3. Description. This field is required. The first line of the description will be used in the event preview in the calendar and contact timeline.
  4. Date and time (or date range). You can set the event for a certain date (Jan 1), date and time (Jan 1 @ 1:00am), date range (Jan 1 to Jan 3), and date and time range (Jan 1 @ 1:00am to Jan 3 @ 9:15pm). Check the All Day box if you don’t need to specify the time.
  5. Associated Contacts. You can associate an event with any number of contacts.
  6. Assigned Users. You can assign any number of users from your account to an event.
  7. Display on Calendar. Uncheck this option if you don’t want the event to be shown on calendar, for example, if it’s a note about yesterday’s meeting results.
  8. Open or complete. Events that are open require action. You can filter by the open or complete status in the Calendar view.