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How do I implement Getting Things Done (GTD) system with Relenta?

David Allen’s Getting Things Done (GTD) time management philosophy is one of the most widely used productivity systems in the business world today. Allen advocates creating a system that you can trust and using that system to store every detail of your life that you must remember.

Relenta is designed exactly for this purpose. It is a smart, automated system that allows you to get things out of your head and focus on your work instead of trying to remember where everything is.

Using Relenta with David Allen’s GTD principles is simple and easy:

GTD concept Relenta Feature
@Context Department, Contact group, Tag, or Message folder
Project Contact, Contact group, Tag, or Message folder
Next Action Email (in general Inbox or Contact timeline) or Calendar task. Archive message or mark task as complete when done.

Getting Things Done® and GTD® are registered trademarks of David Allen & Co. Relenta is not affiliated with or endorsed by David Allen & Co.

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