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How do I setup incoming email?

There are two ways by which you can receive your existing email in Relenta:

  1. Auto-forwarding
  2. IMAP and POP

We provide examples for Gmail and Google Apps. Other services will have similar setup, please consult their documentation for details.


This is our recommended method. You can auto-forward some or all of your emails, from any number of domains, to your address which you create when you start your Relenta account or create new department. It can be found either in Settings > Email Accounts or on the Account Dashboard.


This option is available to our paying customers only. If you are on a free plan, adding an IMAP or POP account will start a free 14-day trial.

Use this option only to download your old emails into Relenta. Once this is done, switch to email auto-forwarding because it’s faster and simpler.

Make sure you import your contacts before downloading email. This is important because ownloaded emails will be automatically assigned to appropriate contacts based on sender’s email address.

Go to Settings > Email accounts and click on + Incoming Email Account. Enter your credentials and click Save.

Only unread messages from IMAP or POP will be downloaded. You will need to make sure that other email clients, such as Outlook, aren’t marking messages as “read” on IMAP or POP server. The IMAP folder structure will not be copied.

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