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How do I use Merge Tags to personalize emails?

Merge Tags are placeholders that allow you to personalize and customize your email marketing. Merge Tags are replaced with the actual customer data, such as first name or a custom field value, when email is sent.

For example, “Hello [FIRST]” will be replaced with “Hello James.”

Here is the list of merge tags with examples:

Merge Tag Sample result
[FIRST] James
[LAST] Bond
[TITLE] Agent 007
[REMOVE] Will be replaced with the ‘unsubscribe’ link
[CONTACT_ID] Unique numerical identifier within Relenta
[CURRENT_DATE] Today’s date formatted as ‘October 14, 2016′
[TIME_STAMP] Unix time when email was sent


In this example, “Favorite Cocktail” is the name of a custom field in your database and “Vodka Martini” is its value.

You can insert Merge Tags both in the subject and body of email. Obviously, a recipient’s email must be associated with a contact in your database for a Merge Tag to work.

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