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Does Relenta provide spam and anti-virus protection?

We offer both spam-filtering and anti-virus protection to our paying customers.

Only email accounts ( are protected. If you are using Relenta to download email from remote IMAP or POP servers, then spam and anti-virus protection are the responsibility of your email service provider.

If your POP or IMAP email provider doesn’t offer spam filtering, you have two options:

  1. Choose another provider. We recommend Google Apps (in fact, our own is email is hosted by Google Apps.
  2. Forward your email to and sign up for a paying plan if you haven’t already.

Some email providers tag email messages as spam by adding one of the following:

  1. [SPAM] in the subject line, or
  2. Email header to designate message as spam, i.e.
    • X-Spam
    • X-Spam-Score
    • X-Spam-Level
    • X-Spam-Status
    • X-Spam-Flag
    • X-YahooFilteredBulk

If your email provider tags email in one of the above ways, it will be placed in Spam folder in your Relenta account. If a message is linked to a contact in your database, these rules will be ignored.

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