We provide the POP and IMAP functionality only to let you download your email archives from remote servers. Once the messages are downloaded, we ask you to switch to automatic email forwarding to your-name@relenta.net address and deactivate your POP or IMAP accounts in Relenta right away.


Here are the Top 5 benefits to using email forwarding to receive your email in Relenta instead of POP and IMAP:

  1. Instant email delivery to your Inbox. With POP or IMAP email retrieval, we can not guarantee delivery times due to internal network queues and remote email server delays that are outside of our control.
  2. You keep copies of all incoming email on your remote server for backup purposes and can access them independently of Relenta.
  3. There are no issues with concurrent access and read/unread status conflicts between Relenta and other email clients and devices.
  4. No need to update your password in Relenta every time you change it in your POP or IMAP account.
  5. POP especially is a dated protocol. You can read more about it here: Pop2IMAP

Long story short, email forwarding is the way to go!