Merge Tags are placeholders that allow you to personalize and customize your email marketing. Merge Tags are replaced with the actual customer data, such as first name or a custom field value, when email is sent.

For example, “Hello [FIRST]” will be replaced with “Hello James.”

Here is the list of merge tags with examples:

Merge Tag Sample result
[FIRST] James
[LAST] Bond
[TITLE] Agent 007
[REMOVE] Will be replaced with the ‘unsubscribe’ link
[CONTACT_ID] Unique numerical identifier within Relenta
[CURRENT_DATE] Today’s date formatted as ‘October 14, 2016’
[TIME_STAMP] Unix time when email was sent


In this example, “Favorite Cocktail” is the name of a custom field in your database and “Vodka Martini” is its value.

You can insert Merge Tags both in the subject and body of email. Obviously, a recipient’s email must be associated with a contact in your database for a Merge Tag to work.