Why Relenta?

Old-school email management methods in combination with contact management, CRM and calendar apps just aren’t cutting it any more. Actually, that’s being kind. Getting things done using email is all but impossible. Yet most of the sales, marketing and customer service is still done via email. These old patchwork approaches are hugely expensive, in lost opportunities and the number of staff it takes to get things done.

We believe that you just can’t manage relationships with today’s customers using yesterday’s tools.

Our approach is different, and it really helps you increase productivity and eliminate wasted effort.

Relenta is the cross between email, contact manager, email marketing, CRM, calendar and your personal secretary. We pioneered this concept back in 2005 and have been leaders in this field ever since.

Relenta takes data from all of your email accounts and user inboxes, combines it with all other pieces of customer information scattered across multiple apps and browser windows, and puts it all on one screen. We call this the One-Click Zone.

Here is the formula of our success with small business customers all over the world:

Email + CRM = One-Click Zone

You can read more about the value system that drives us in our Simple CRM Manifesto.