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What email marketing features are available in Relenta?

Email marketing automation is an integral part of CRM in Relenta. The same features used by email marketing pros are included with every paying plan at no extra charge.

  • Email Autoresponders let you send a series of automatic emails to a contact at specified intervals. Each autoresponder campaign sequence is associated with a group of contacts and is triggered when a contact is added to the group.
  • Email Newsletters are mass emails blasts that you manually send to a group of contacts at the same time. They can be sent right away, or scheduled for a certain date and time in the future.
  • Auto-Replies are one-off automatic messages sent in response to events such as web form submissions or certain keywords in incoming email. They are triggered by Message Filters.
  • Web Forms automatically create contacts from your website form submissions and newsletter signups. You can assign these new contacts to groups, tags or folders for manual follow-ups and send autoresponder campaigns or one-off auto-replies.

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