Any email, CRM, contact management and calendar app that you may have come across in the past is linear (or flat, if you like database terminology). It means that each part is separate and independent from another.

Google is a fine example of linear structure. They have email, contacts, calendar and files. However each part might as well be an independent application. Everything is displayed in unrelated browser windows. The only thing that all these separate parts have in common is the login. And you can’t effectively collaborate and share the workload.

By contrast, the Relenta user interface is non-linear, or relational. This means that the data displayed on every screen relates to the whole and is displayed alongside the other pieces of customer information.

For example, the Relenta Contact Timeline includes all sent and received messages, activities and files, organized in chronological order, updated and accessible by all users in real time.

Likewise, every item in email Inbox and Calendar is linked directly to the appropriate Contact Timeline.

Relenta’s One-Click Zone is a truly centralized shared workspace for your team. It puts everybody literally on the same page, and helps you get things done with a single click.