What is Email Dropbox?

The Email Dropbox feature lets you use any desktop, mobile or web email client with Relenta. Simply BCC any email to your you@relenta.net address, and it will automatically be placed in Sent folder and filed against the appropriate contact. (Imagine never again copying and pasting any special “dropbox” email addresses.) To start using dropbox, you…

What does the Outbox error icon mean?

When the Outbox folder displays a red error icon, this means that there are messages which Relenta wasn’t able to send. Usually this happens because the remote SMTP server returned an error. These unsent messages are highlighted in red. Click on the message subject to display the actual error message returned by the SMTP server.…

How do I assign email to a contact?

Relenta automatically assigns email to a contact based on the “From:” address. Often people will reply from a different email address, the one which isn’t in your database. In this case, email will appear as Unassigned with a question mark icon instead of avatar. Click Assign this email to existing contact, search, then select the…

What are Message Filters?

Message filters allow you to do a number of things with incoming emails based on the criteria you define. For example, you can automatically create a contact from incoming email, move email to another folder, assign contact to an autoresponder email campaign, trigger an auto-reply, etc.

What are shared files?

You can upload any number of files or documents to each department that will be shared among your team.

Shared files can be attached to messages without having to upload the file from your local hard drive every time you compose an email.