Relenta’s shared email Inbox is packed with features to help your team streamline email management.

For starters, you can use Relenta to send and receive email from any number of personal and company emails, such as,,

All email sent and received by you and your team members is displayed on the Contact Timeline, along with pending and completed tasks, notes and files. This function literally puts everyone on the same page.

You can use Tags and Groups to keep your email organized. You can tag any email for instant access right away or years later via search or from the tag cloud. Because all sent and received email is automatically associated with contacts, Contact Groups provide an extra layer of hierarchical organization.

To save time when composing email, you can insert Response Templates and attach files from the shared library.

Internal Comments allow you to collaborate on customer emails and other activities. The comment exchange between your team members remains permanently associated with the object of discussion.

You can automate most routine email management tasks with Message Filters.

Creating tasks from email without leaving your Inbox, and delegating them to other team members, helps you share workload and get things done quickly and easily.

The Archive function lets you remove email from the Inbox, but store it permanently in the system archive and contact timeline.

All of these features, plus the ergonomic one-click interface, make old-school Email Folders all but obsolete. However, if you still want to use them, you can.